Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hallowinner: Favorite Costumes of 2007

In honor of my favorite holiday, I give you my favorite Halloween pics from '07.

My Halloween costume this year was inspired by a Google image search for emo-related images. (Ah, when am I not searching for emo-related material?)

I now present, "Cheerleader Meets Emo Carebear, Emo Carebear Pouts."

Emo Carebear Loves Taking MySpace Pics of Herself! (Note the tears, safety pin piercings)

"Emo Carebear Rocks the Product Placement, Surly Disposition Upon Meeting Gay Dumbledore"

Little Miss Sunshine!

And this is when we staged 'To Catch a Predator' in my kitchen... Yikes!

And because one Halloween costume party isn't enough, I now present you with my 10 Commandments-inspired look for FNX's 1987 Walk Like an Egyptian Prom last night:

Patty gives great mohawk. We're going to open up a specialty mohawk shop named The Angry Couch inspired by our favorite Hartford haircuttery. (Best. Mission. Statement. Ever.)

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than attending an 80s prom. (Bonus! Where's Waldo in this picture?)

Hope you all had a rocking good time. Leave me your favorite costume sightings in the comments!

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