Monday, November 26, 2007

Your Monday Morning Diversions: Rapping and Retards [It's Going To Be An Interesting Week]

First up, I give you the latest creation from the WGA writers on the picket line. You know shit's getting serious when the WGA gang signs are thrown. I just pray the talks today resolve happily for the writers before this erupts into an all-out street war. [United Hollywood]

And for your next bit of entertainment...

In honor of my voice's condition being upgraded from sounding like a 10-pack-a-day dirty old hooker to a more respectable (or at least audible) "They're laughing at me Daniel!"-level, I give you one more reason to love YouTube:

The Other Sister, As Reenacted by Retarded Barbie Dolls

Um, amazing. For the likewise obsessed, there's also a Part 1 (where they do it!) and a Part 3 (where Disney's Mulan, Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton, and The Beast from Beauty and the Beast make cameos to prove Daniel has more than one "Love Secret." Way to go off script kids!)

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