Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Timer In My Bio-Virtual Clock Just Went 'Ding!' [My Trip To The Magical Creature Adoption Agency]

Now that DivMo has been going strong with the internet for two months shy of a year, I think it's time to take the relationship to the next level. It's time to add a little magic to this happyfuzzybunny lovefest of a blog we have here.

And when it comes to the life-changing decision to build a virtual family, there is only place to go: Angel's Chimera Dreams.

I was a little timid at first to enter the site as I hadn't visited an angelfire-hosted website since the 90s, but once inside, I was overwhelmed by the amazing selection of Faeries, Mermaids, Angels, Goddesses, Unicorns, and Pixies I could choose from!

It was very hard for me to decide what to adopt! There was such a wide selection of goddesses including The Goth Goddess and The Goddess of Purple (I didn't even know there were goddesses of colors! How ignorant am, I?!)

Angel also offers a bountiful selection of Faeries (Dragon Faeries, Birthstone Faeries, Step Dancing Faeries, and a Faery Wedding!) and then there are the Faerie Accessories! Angel even advises on how you can best trick out your faery: "Maybe she'd like a lyre to make pretty music"; "She'll need some Flower Goblets with sweet nectar. That's what faeries live on!"; "How about a Floral Valance for her wall? Here's [sic] a few to choose from."

All of these were wonderful options, but I was hoping for a little more bang for my virtual adoptive buck. Perhaps a halfsy magical creature was in order, something like a Centaur but like, even more magical...

If only I could get all of the charm of a pony with the flash and sparkle of a mermaid...

And then I saw it, a link to adopt a Hippocampus. But, ah... Isn't the hippocampus a part of the brain? Why yes, it is a part of the brain. A part of the brain named after a creature with the charm of a pony and the flash and sparkle of a mermaid!!!

Meet the newest addition to the DivMo family: Prince Sparkly FishHorse (FiHo for short)!!!

Awww! Isn't he freakin dorbs!? FiHo even comes with his own official adoption papers:

Angel's adoption policies are nothing to sneeze at. And since I don't want to pull an Ellen and get my sweet little hippocampus revoked and placed on a more obedient blog, I am not only publishing the required certificate crediting her as the creator of little FiHo, but I'm also posting the link back to her site, so you all can go start virtual families of your own!

I can only hope you're half as happy as our little bloggy family is to have FiHo!


Nick said...

Are you sure your biological clock didn't go WING ding?!!!

Bailey Triggs said...

Hehe. Yeah it went, "Diamond Pisces Square Capricorn Libra Pisces Square Capricorn!"