Thursday, February 21, 2008

ATTENTION ALL BOSTONITES: It's Time To Dance With The Banditos Misteriosos! [Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!]

You are cordially invited to Boston's First Silent Dance Experiment, hosted by Boston's newest playmate: The Banditos Misteriosos.

Participation is easy and open to everyone! Just follow these handy directions:

1. Go to and download the track (labeled: "Without further ado click here for the mp3", right mouse click and 'Save As') the put it on your mp3 player/burn it to CD/make a cassette tape for your Walkman.

2. Make sure your watch is synced to the correct time.

3. Get yourself to Boston on Saturday, February 23rd, wearing your most awesome sunglasses.

4. Get to Faneuil Hall by 12:50 p.m.:

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5. When your synced watch hits 1 p.m., press play!

6. Follow the song directions and make a scene!

It should be an amazingly fun spectacle and you might even make a few new friends in the process.

For further reading, you can head over to and check out my interview with the Banditos co-founder Ethan Feuer: Banditos Misteriosos: Boston's Newest Playmates Want to (Silent) Dance With You

Also, if you're going to be in the area, hit me up in the comments and we'll meet up for drinks after the dance.

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Nick said...

I think I might have missed it. Has it happened already? I hope not. I heart experiments.